I'm Junnior Zambrano‚Äč[Photo][GitHub][LinkedIn]

Current role

Software Engineer specialized in web environments.


-> As consultant and outsider, I've successfully designed, developed, and implemented comprehensive sales systems customized for efficient inventory management, along with crafting credit management systems that empower businesses to handle customer credits related to their products or services effectively. Just to name a few.

-> Made contributions to the official React docs[REPO], specifically in the "Separating Events from Effects" section, providing insights that have been instrumental for hundreds of developers worldwide who rely on these docs daily.

-> Created progressive web applications that harness the advantages of cutting-edge web technologies, delivering a native app-like experience for users while leveraging the flexibility and accessibility of the web platform.

Tech Toolbox

React (State management, design patterns, routing...), Next.js + TypeScript (SSR, CSR, ISR, SSG), Node.js (APIs, Web applications), Server administration (web servers, monitoring and performance optimization...), relational databases (SQL, MYSQL, MongoDB, Firebase Realtime Database), CSS preprocessors (Sass, Less), UI component libraries (Bootstrap, Tailwind, Material UI), authentication services, cloud computing platforms (IaaS, SaaS, DBaaS, FaaS), testing libraries (Jest, Vitest) and more.

Side projects

-> For those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of virtual DOM you can check my mini virtual DOM implementation[V-DOM][CODE]and learn how this concept is used in popular frameworks like React.

-> If you want to see how some of the most popular sorting algorithms work,Sorting-Algorithms[CODE]is an entertaining data visualizer that shows the visual patterns shaped by some of the most acclaimed sorting algorithms.

-> If you like simulationsConvex-Hull[CODE]is a graphic simulation of the convex hull problem solved by the Jarvis March Algorithm also known as the gift wrapping algorithm.


Academic Credentials

Computer Science degree (2021).

Interested by

In addition to my software engineering focused on web performance and front-end, I'm deeply passionate about collaborating on projects that have a positive impact on society. Whether it's creating innovative applications that promote accessibility, sustainability, or education, I am driven to contribute my skills and creativity to initiatives that make a difference.

Focused on